Dimmer and Differential EMC Suppression Chokes

Our dimmer chokes offer a range of inductances and rise-times for each current rating up to 80 Amps, to cover all dimmer requirements from straight EMC compliance through to high rise-time studio dimmers.

They are also widely used as differential (series-mode) EMC suppression chokes.

Common-Mode EMC
Suppression Chokes

Common-mode noise results from interference currents flowing from line to earth and neutral to earth.

The particular nature of this interference allows the use of phase-cancelling "bucking" windings, so that high permeability ferrite cores can be used, to give the mH inductance needed to give effective EMC filtering with the small values of "Y" capacitors needed to meet earth-leakage current requirements.

Toroidal Bobbin Switched Classic EMC

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