Custom Toroidal Transformer
Design & Build

Over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience makes us the first choice.for custom built toroidal isolation transformers from 10VA up to 3kVA.

Terminations and mounting methods are customised to suit our customers' applications, and transformers can be supplied to meet a variety of international standards.

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Standard Range Toroidal Transformers

We offer various ranges of standard toroidal power transformers, ranging from 1.6VA up to 1kVA. Many types are available from stock via Blore Bowron, who are part of the Carnhill group.

Most feature double primary and double secondary windings to allow series or parallel connection to suit a range of input and output voltages.

Fully encapsulated types up to 500VA are included.

Toroidal Bobbin Switched Classic EMC

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